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To Lose Body Weight, You Need to Change Your Nurtritional, Exercise and Lifestyle Habits

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Are you REALLY serious about losing weight, controlling diabetes, lowering blood pressure or cholesterol levels, or just trying to achieve peak health?

Are you genuinely tired of hype, gimmick diets, bland foods, wild claims, and wasting your hard earned money only to fail or get results that don't last? With the NutriCounter, you can control your diet the natural way. By simply controlling your intake of each of the nutritional categories, you will soon begin to feel healthier.

How it works: NutriCounter is an electronic calorie counter and has over 2,000 food items stored in memory. You can call up foods that you eat and save the nutritional information into daily totals for each of the nine nutritional categories. You always know at a glance how many calories, fats, carbohydrates etc. you have eaten at any time of the day.

This nutrition counter really works. Personalize the NutriCounter for your specific dieting and nutritional needs! Whether you're trying to lose weight or count carbs, the NutriCounter is the perfect tool to help you monitor your diet.

When you receive the nutrition counter, you get the unit, an instruction manual, a nutritional guidelines manual, a copy of the food list exactly as it is in the unit, a Tips for Success guide, and a progress chart.




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"3 Habits to Lose Weight: Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle"

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