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Are exercise bikes helping you lose body weight?

It is usually around the New Year that I begin noticing how fat I’ve become. The holiday season usually goes extremely well for me, so well in fact, that with the New Year looming around the corner, I invariably find myself dealing with a spare tire around my mid-section. And the result of looking at that bulging midriff? A strong temptation to buy an exercise bike.

The very first exercise bike I ever had was bought over a decade ago. It was an uncomplicated piece of machinery. It looked like one half of a regular bike and it was mechanically operated, with a simple belted-up gear contraption that you tightened by hand as you went along. Like most newbie exercisers, I spent more time staring at that first exercise bike than actually using it for what it was meant for and it slowly but steadily faded away from my memory. Until this New Year came about and I decided to get myself another exercise bike.

There’s a health and fitness store just around the corner from where I live and I went there to check out the kinds of exercise bikes they offered. Upon entering and asking the manager where the exercise bike section was, I was guided to the second floor of the store, where – I’m not kidding – the entire floor area covered with numerous exercise bikes! Boy had I missed out on the exercise bike trend or what! But it was my next discovery that convinced me that the exercise bike culture has just progressed way too much for me to ever hope to stage a comeback.

You see the exercise bike I used to own was an antique now, fit for nothing more than a musty life in some fitness museum. These new age exercise bikes, however, were radically different beings. For one thing, the word ‘simplicity’ or the phrase ‘ease of use’ seemed to have been thrown out of the window when these new age exercise bikes were designed. None, I repeat, none of them were simple to understand, much less operate. There were exercise bikes with motorized resistance, bikes with magnetic resistance, even more exercise bikes with wind load resistance and even friction-free resistance! What ever happened to the plain old resistance belt?

To my horror, I soon discovered that that was just the tip of the iceberg. Seems most of the new age exercise bikes needed to be plugged up to the power source as they came with in-built computers which monitored everything from your heart rate to the rate of your toe-nail eroding on the tread (I’m kidding!). Anyways, they needed a power source to run the array of sensors that the exercise bike employed to monitor various bodily functions and rates. These bikes had an amazing array of gadgets that included a digital display LCD, electronic monitor charts for time, speed, distance and calories, pulse monitors, heart-rate monitors and a whole range of allied equipment.

Looking at this space-age contraption got me wondering. If I was going to spend all my time hooking up these allied monitors to various extremities of my body, where was I ever going to find the time to actually get on to the exercise bike and….exercise?

Exercise Bikes can help in medical problems.


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