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Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which we make contact with the unconscious mind, a part of one's inner self that has a duty and right to protect you. Hypnosis is a motivation, resource finding and building tool that allows us to access ALL of our own potential. Hypnosis has been used successfully for issues of weight control, finding inner happiness, learning to meditate, releasing habits, and many other issues when performed medically under a Doctor's care and supervision.

Hypnosis is not a substitute for nor to be used in place of any medical or psychological treatments, and a hypnotists is not necessarily a Medical Doctor or Mental Health Counselor. A Hypnotists can not "heal" or diagnose anything, and is a highly trained professional who knows how to address the inner workings of the unconscious mind to allow an individual to find, create and generate the attitudes, behaviors and resources that they need to have their change or improvement in appropriate ways.

Easy and Simple Forms of Hypnosis

Simple forms of hypnosis can be performed with a little practice to achieve that wonderful, peaceful and relaxing state which is very much like meditation, daydreaming or that beautifully comfortable moment just before you fall asleep at night.

There are many methods of self-hypnosis ranging from listening to relaxation tapes to simply clearing your mind of thoughts and worries. Here is one approach you may find helpful. It can be used to help positively effect your goals for weight loss.

Set Weight Loss Goals?

Do you want to find ways to use self-hypnosis for weight loss? Somedays you may want to achieve a small thing i.e. exercising or eating smaller portions, . Other days you may be more keen to work on your all-round life goals i.e. career progress, relationships or self esteem.

Write Weight Loss Goals Down

Writing down what it is you want to achieve or change can really help you to straighten things out in your mind and, of course, problems seem smaller on paper and goals can suddenly look more realistic, specific and focused. Keep it short and keep it achievable. Maybe develop your goals into affirmations. e.g. I am feeling more positive/ relaxed/ like a permanent non-smoker (or whatever it is you wish for) every day.

Find a Nice Comfortable Place

You won't want to be disturbed or uncomfortable and you certainly must not be driving or in any other situation where your immediate attention is required. Soft music and lighting can help but burning of candles is not appropriate.

Close Your Eyes and Take a Couple of Deep Breaths

Just focus internally and start to notice whatever you notice. This is not a time for judging, analyzing, criticising or worrying. Notice your thoughts and feelings and assume that very soon they will just drift away; they are really not necessary at the moment. Allow your mind to become calmer and clearer.

Count Slowly in Your Mind

You can count to ten or any number you choose, maybe on every second or third out breath. At the same time, repeat relaxing words in the back of your mind - comfort, calm, relax etc. Choose your own words, there are no rules here.

Notice The Resistance and Just Let it Go

At times there will be inner resistance to relaxation especially when you first start to practice self hypnosis. Just be aware of it and let it go.

Create an Inner World

Spend some time in your own special place. Create your own magical place, maybe somewhere you know. Use all of your senses. What can you see, hear, feel, smell and taste. You will get much better with practice.

Create future Success

Imagine yourself achieving the goals you wrote down. Make it real, like a memory but in the future.See yourself doing or acting out your weight loss goals.

Count yourself back to full awareness

Your done. How do you feel? And remember, seeing is believing.




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"3 Habits to Lose Weight: Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle"

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